Nitecore TIP 2017

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Maximum output 360 lumens. Powered by a built-in, Li-ion battery.

The new version of the TIP, the Nitecore TIP 2017 has a maximum output of 360 lumens from the Cree XP-G2 and is powered by a built-in, rechargeable, Li-ion battery.

Without compromising on the original benefits of the TIP, the 2017 version offers two operating modes and a multi-purpose clip which acts as the torch's lockout mode. The removeable, sliding clip prevents accidental activation as it can be attached to cover both operating switches and acts as physical protection from water and dust. The clip also provides practical attachment to clothing and accessories for hands-free use.

The TIP 2017 has two modes which are accessed by holding both switches at the same time. One flash of the light indicates the TIP is in Daily mode and two flashes means it is in Constant-on mode. The Daily mode output stays on for 30 seconds and then turns itself off automatically, providing enough time to use the light and ensuring the power does not drain if the light has been left on accidentally. The Constant-on mode provides continuous illumination, until the power button is pressed to turn the torch off.

Available in Black, Grey, Silver, Red, Blue, Green and Gold.

Brightness Levels:
Turbo: 360 lumens - 30 mins runtime
High: 150 lumens - 1 hr 30 mins runtime
Mid: 35 lumens - 6 hrs 30 mins runtime
Low: 1 lumen - 46 hrs runtime

Maximum beam distance 74 meters, water resistant to IP54 and resistant to impacts up to 1.5 meters.

Includes: multi-purpose clip, key ring, belt loop clasp, built-in, rechargeable battery.

Nitecore TIP 2017 user manual can be downloaded here.

  • Maximum Beam Intensity: 1400 cd
  • Reflector: Orange peel
  • Length: 60.8 mm / 2.39"
  • Weight: 23.5 g / 0.83 oz.
  • Advanced temperature regulations (ATR)
  • HAIII hard anodising
RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)
Excellent small torch .. very useful for walking the dog at night.

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)
Been using for a while now very impressive little keyring torch.

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)
Buying as a Xmas present and recipient chose this s guessing its worth a 5

RATING: StarStarStar
(3 / 5 Stars)
Nitecore TIP 2017

This has the potential to be a really good product but just falls short. I really like the small size and light weight design. The light output is awesome for something that’s smaller than my car fob. Unfortunately it’s the fit and finish that let it down as well as an over engineered operating system

I am the proud and happy owner of a TM16 that is a perfect example of machined aluminium so I was hoping for the same from the TIP 2017. I expected it to feel seamless with each separate part coming together to form somthing that felt crafted and looked beautiful. Instead the side seams don’t line up right, the front ring doesn’t sit centred, it’s overhangs in some areas and under in others and the glass is able to move around inside it.

The other problem I have with the TIP 2017 is the operating system on it. It sounds silly but you should have to read a manual to understand how to work a key ring torch. Whilst I actually like that you can choose between 2 basic modes there are just too many other features that require different buttons to be pressed for various lengths of time, or not pressed to avoid starting a feature that you might not want. For example. If I don’t make it from my car to be door in less then 30 seconds the torch will turn off. This is expected and a good thing as I wouldn’t want to battery to drain if it accidentally turned on in my pocket, however if I then turn it back on within 3 seconds it will stay on until I turn it off.

It could be forgiven most of this if it wasn’t for the price tag.

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)
Best pocket torch, very bright for small torch

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)

RATING: StarStarStarStarStar
(5 / 5 Stars)
Really powerful and handy. Small but brilliant. A bit expensive but worth it. Have used it on and off for a while and still have not charged it. (2 weeks usage)

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