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Nitecore EA42 and P26 released for Spring 2018!

The Nitecore P26 torch features a rotary switch operation which provides infinite brightness from 0.5 to 1000 lumens. This method of output selection makes the torch perfect for a range of applications, as the level can be altered as and when required.

Nitecore P26

The P26 features a U-shaped tail cap, a crenulated bezel and Nitecore's built-in Advanced Temperature Regulation to ensure the light does not overheat whilst maintaining optimal performance.

Click here for full details of the Nitecore P26.

The Nitecore EA42 is a remodel of the very popular EA41, providing a brighter output from the same 4 x AA batteries. The EA42 has an impressive maximum output of 1800 lumens and provides a spotlight style beam, with a maximum reach of 353 meters.

Nitecore EA42

The torch offers five brightness levels, ranging from 1 to 1800 lumens, plus Strobe, SOS and Location Beacon modes for emergency situations. Featuring a round head and flat handle, the EA42 is comfortable and secure to hold and is compatible with a range of Nitecore accessories, such as the 40mm filters and diffusers.


Click here for full details on the Nitecore EA42.

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Nitecore V2 In-Car Battery Charger is now available!

The Nitecore V2 charger features two slots for your batteries with a 3A current in each slot, providing fast and efficent charging. The charger is compatible with a huge range of batteries, including 18650, 14500, 16340 (RC123A) and 21700.

Nitecore V2 Charger

The V2 charger is designed to be used in the car whilst you are on the move, ensuring your batteries are ready for use even if you are pressed for time. The charger looks slightly different from the likes of the Nitecore Intellicharger and Digicharger series, as it has been designed to fit in your car cup holder.

Nitecore V2

In addition to being a fast and efficient charger, the V2 has two USB ports which can charge your electronic devices with a maximum output current of 2.1A.

Click here for full details on the Nitecore V2 Charger.

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