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Counterfeit Alert to Nitecore Charger Buyers

It has come to our attention that a shipment of counterfeit D4 chargers bearing the Nitecore mark have been intercepted by UK Trading Standards. While the shipment in question has been destroyed, to help potential buyers of the counterfeit chargers identify them please see the images below.

On the packaging there is a spelling mistake on the counterfeit chargers for the word 'Worldwide' and also a difference in letter spacing for 'RCR123', both circled in red:

Charger Comparison

The plugs included with the counterfeit chargers are also fake and easily identifiable. BS 1363 requires that all power pins (the shorter pins) are partially insulated. However, earth pins must be solid brass, or, in the case of plugs intended solely for use with non-earthed devices, solid plastic. The plugs included with the counterfeit chargers have a partially insulated earth pin as per the image below, the included 12V car adapters are also different to those supplied with genuine Nitecore chargers.

Plug Comparison

To help combat future sales of counterfeit chargers Nitecore have implemented verification stickers, which will be on all UK supplied chargers sent out of our warehouse by mid March.

Nitecore have also implemented a Report Program for information about companies and individuals making or supplying counterfeit Nitecore products. Please accept our thanks in advance for reporting counterfeits.



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