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Nitecore TM03 Has Arrived!

The Nitecore TM03 flashlight has a maximum output of 2800 lumens in burst mode from the Cree XHP70 LED, making it the most powerful single 18650 cell flashlight in the world today.

A deep textured reflector ensures a uniform beam pattern with a range of up to 289 meters.

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Nitecore MH27UV Available Now

The new Nitecore MH27UV features the same Cree XP-L HI V3 LED as the regular MH27 and also the Red and Blue auxiliary LEDs. What makes it unique is the inclusion of a 500mW 365nm ultraviolet LED that can be used in petrol inspection, mine explosion and forensic science as well as experts in gemmological appraisal, document examination and currency detection.

A multi-purpose side switch allows for quick operation and instant access to turbo and ultraviolet modes. The switch also incorporates a built-in indicator that acts as a voltage multi-meter to display the battery voltage (accurate to 0.1V).

Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology maintains the MH27UV at a constant and stable temperature. ATR automatically detects the torches internal temperature, and adjusts its output to accommodate various operating conditions, thereby extending the LEDs working life.

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Nitecore F1 FlexBank Charger

The new Nitecore F1 FlexBank Charger is the first charger from Nitecore that also acts as a power bank, allowing users to charge external devices such as mobile phones when out and about.

Extremely compact and lightweight at only 30 grams, the F1 can be easily carried at all times.

Intelligent current management makes it possible to charge a USB device and store battery power simultaneously. When input current is not sufficient, the F1 will prioritise the charging of the external device.

The F1 monitors battery status in real time. A built in smart multi-meter displays the battery voltage upon installation (accurate to 0.1V).

Input: Micro USB DC 5V

Output: 4.2V (Battery) / 5V (USB)

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