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LR50 Lantern & Powerbank - Perfect For Camping This Summer

New for summer 2019, the Nitecore LR50 is an innovative new camping lantern, providing a maximum output of 250 lumens from the high CRI LEDs.

Nitecore LR50

What makes the LR50 stand out from the crowd is the powerbank and battery charging functions. To use as a portable power bank, simple connect to the LR50 via the USB port and allow it to charge your device, from head torches to cameras and smart phones. Alternatively, connect the lantern to a power source via the micro USB port, such as to a USB adapter, power bank or solar panel, to charge up 1 or 2 18650 Li-ion batteries inside the body of the LR50.

LR50 Battery Charger

Great for use in emergency situations and a perfect addition to emergency preparedness kits.

Nitecore LR50 Powerbank

Maximum beam distance 24 meters, waterproof to IP66 and resistant to impacts up to 1 meter.

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