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TIKI GITD, NWE30 Emergency Whistle & NTP31 Bolt Action Pen

The Nitecore TIKI GITD keyring light features a phosphorescent shell which will glow in the dark. The torch has a maximum output of 300 lumens from the primary OSRAM P8 LED with a reflective optic lens emitting a soft, uniform beam.

As with the Nitecore TIKI and TIKI LE torches, the TIKI GITD also offers two auxiliary emitters on the side of the light, a high CRI white LED and a 500mW, 365nm UV LED. The high CRI output is perfect for camping or reading and provides excellent colour rendition. The UV LED can be used as a detector of counterfeit notes and forged documents.


The Nitecore NWE30 is an ultra compact emergency whistle designed for outdoor emergenices, with a 120dB buzzing output. The device is operated by 1 x CR123 single use battery (included) or 1 x RCR123 16340 li-ion cell.

The whistle has an easy to operate twist-and-buzz interface. Instead of the conventional method of blowing, the NWE30 aims to save energy and time especially if the user is suffering with a severe injury and requires urgent assistance. To activate simply loosen the tail cap and to turn off, tighten the tail cap. Once on, the whistle will buzz every 10 seconds.


The Nitecore NTP31 is a multifunctional pen with a bidirectional bolt design. Ideal for tactical use, the pen can be used as an everyday writing device and a glass breaker in emergencies.

The slider in the unique bidirectional bolt mechanism can be skillfully manoeuvred in the L-shape groove to select and retract either the pen refill or the tungsten steel tapered tip.

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