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New Head Torches: Nitecore T360 and HA20

We are pleased to introduce two new head torches, each with some very unique features.

Nitecore T360

The new Nitecore T360 Head Torch features a built in Li-ion battery, that can be recharged via USB. Simply plug into the micro USB charging port and the charging indicator will show red for in-progress and turn green when charging is complete.

One of the most notable features of the T360 is how light weight it is at only 20.6 grams, making it comfortable to wear for long periods and ideal for travelling.

An innovative spherical joint connects the light body to the bracket and allows for full 360 degrees rotation, allowing the light to be pointed in any direction. It can be used as a head lamp with the supplied adjustable headband, or removed and clipped onto clothing, backpacks etc or even used free standing as a task light.


Nitecore HA20

The new Nitecore HA20 Head Torch features a die-cast aluminium body that is stronger and has better heat sinking capabilities than ordinary plastic head lamps. With its extremely small thermal resistance, the full metal housing of the HA20 can effectively transit the heat from the LED to its exterior, significantly improving heat dissipation efficiency.

Powered by two AA batteries and driven by a Cree XP-G2 LED.

Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology, along with effective cooling fins, allows the HA20 to dynamically adjust output performance according to its internal temperature, thus maintaining its internal temperature and preventing damage to the LED.

Weighing in at only 62 grams, the HA20 is comfortable to wear for long periods and the combination of wide beam optics and the rotatable mount make it extremely versatile.

The HA20 is operated by a single switch for easy one handed operation.

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