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Nitecore branch out with a host of new products for Autumn 2017

The development team at Nitecore have been extremely busy and today we have the launch of six new products!

Nitecore DL10 Diving Light

The Nitecore DL10 is the first diving torch in the range. The DL10 has a maximum output of 1000 lumens from the Cree XP-L HI V3 LED and is waterproof to a depth of 30 meters. Scuba diving pointer included!

Click here for DL10 Product Details


Nitecore HC70 Caving Head Torch

Designed specifically for cavers the HC70 features a die-cast uni-body, which provides excellent heat sinking and is lightweight to reduce the load bearing on the user's head. Separate battery pack rechargeable via USB with power bank feature.

Click here for HC70 Product Details


Nitecore BP20 Multi-Use Backpack

The Nitecore BP20 backpack is a compact day bag that can be used for a range of activities, from commuting to work to an adventure weekend in the great outdoors. The rucksack is made from military-spec 1000D nylon, providing excellent resistance to rips, wear and tear.

Click here for BP20 Product Details


Nitecore P16 Tactical

The latest version of the Nitecore P16 is designed for tactical use with a range of unique features. The torch has a tactical tail switch for momentary and constant illuminations which can be accessed using one hand. The light provides excellent performance with a maximum brightness of 1000 lumens and range of up to 300 meters

Click here for P16 Tactical Product Details


Nitecore EC23

With an excellent output and throw, the EC23 is the perfect LED Torch for everyday carry. The EC23 feature five brightness levels ranging from 1 to 1800 lumens, in addition to strobe, SOS and location beacon flashing modes. The settings are controlled by a single side switch, providing easy one handed operation.

Click here for EC23 Product Details


Nitecore SC4 Charger

The Nitecore SC4 is a four bay charger with a total output of 6A. The charger is compatible with a huge range of batteries and has been optimised for IMR cells so is sure to be popular with vapers and flashaholics alike.

Per bay the maximum charging current is 3A, providing extremely fast and efficient charging. As an example, it only take 55 minutes to charge a 3500mAh 18650 IMR battery to 80%!

Click here for SC4 Product Details


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Nitecore TIP SS now in stock!

The Nitecore TIP SS is the latest keyring torch in the range, offering style, convenience and excellent output! The light offers four brightness levels, ranging from 1 to 360 lumens.

The TIP SS comes with a clip which can be used to cover the dual switch control to prevent accidental activation, or as an attachment clip to secure the light to clothing or accessories.

Available in Glacier Silver, Jet Black or Tropical.

View full product details here.

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