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Identification Guide for Nitecore Charger Users

Please note: This guide only applies to the 2014 version of the Intellicharger i4.

Nitecore has become aware that counterfeit chargers, labeled with Nitecore trademark, have been sold by unauthorized companies. This identification guide aims to ensure only legitimate Nitecore chargers end up in the hands of our loyal customers as our customers expect and deserve the highest-level of satisfaction when purchasing Nitecore products. There are two approaches, the first being the easiest and recommended method:

Method 1:

Tool: A small magnet
Procedure: Place the magnet on the metal surface (battery positive pole contact points or slides in the slots) of the charger.
Reference: A legitimate Nitecore charger does not attract the magnet, while a counterfeit charger does the opposite.
Physics behind: The battery positive pole contact points and slides in the slots of a legitimate Nitecore charger are made from pure copper, a non-magnetic material with high electrical conductivity. Therefore Nitecore chargers do not attract magnets. The battery positive pole contact points and slides in the slots of counterfeit chargers are mostly made from iron, a material with poor corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, and easily attaches to magnets.

Method 2:

Procedure: Disassemble the charger; examine the internal circuit board and components.

Reference: The capacitors of legitimate Nitecore chargers are developed by Nitecore and labeled with Nitecore trademark.

The sales of counterfeit products labeled as Nitecore chargers poses a considerable threat to customer interest and violates our intellectual property rights. Nitecore reserves the right to take any legal action against such behavior. We have implemented a Report Program for information about companies and individuals making or supplying counterfeit Nitecore products. Please accept our thanks in advance for reporting counterfeits.

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