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Nitecore SRT-7 Wins Best In Test - Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine

It is not very often we have the pleasure of reading a torch review by someone who has actually taken the time to research and test each model in a thorough and meaningful way so it was refreshing to read the latest edition of Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine. Author Grant has served as a British police officer with over eighteen years experience, twelve of which as a police firearms officer, included being a national rifle officer (sniper) and working at Buckingham Palace as Royalty close protection. A lifetime of outdoor living and survival experiences qualify his attention to detail when evaluating kit!

Three Nitecore models were included in the test of over 30 torches from various manufactures and with the SRT-7 winning best and the TM26 also making the top five, reaffirming Nitecore's commitment to making the most innovative and high performance flashlights on the market today.

Anyone looking to read the full test should purchase the November / December edition, which can be ordered online here:

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