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Nitecore TM10K 10,000 Lumen Compact Torch

Nitecore TM10K Official UK Launch.

Creating a torch this powerful and compact has taken a lot of careful consideration on Nitecore'e behalf. The TM10K has been made achievable by Nitecore's relentless research, in-depth knowledge and pioneering ideas within the lighting industry to pave the way for future revolutionary design. For example, the LEDs need to reach more than 100W to achieve the 10,000 lumen output; this equals 10 times the highest output of the Nitecore P12! Initially Nitecore thought of an IMR 18650 to power the TM10K, however they turned their attention to the 21700, originally designed for electric cars and featuring a higher performance and larger capacity. Although larger in size, the 21700 offers twice the discharge current and capacity of an IMR 18650. 

Nitecore TM10K


Another key issue that is inevitable with a torch of this size and power, is the large amount of heat produced by the LED. The answer? A compact and rigid unibody tube to enable timely dissipation, combined with the LEDs being embedded on a 4mm copper cooling PCB to accelerate the cooling process. In addition, the TM10K has two integrated thermal sensors which monitor the temperature of the LED and the system, calculating the appropriate output power and remaining runtime accordingly, using Advanced Temperature Regulations (ATR). 

TM10K Display Lumens


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