Nitecore TSL10i Tail Cap with Signal Light

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Nitecore TSL10i Tail Cap with Multicoloured Signal Light.

The Nitecore TSL10i is a tail cap with a built-in signal light, designed for the new Nitecore i-Generation series, including the i4000R, P20i and P10i flashlights.

The cap features multiple flashing modes, including blue, red, green, white and an alternating blue and red. When the signal light is off, press and hold the signal light switch to cycle through the outputs, releasing once the desired mode has been reached. In addition to the signal light buttom, the TSL10i also features a power button and Strobe Ready mode button to operate the torch.

Ideal for tactical operations, the flashing colours can be used to indicate different groupings or to enable quick identification of team members in specific positions.

Blue flashing: 330 hrs runtime
Red flashing: 360 hrs runtime
Green flashing: 300 hrs runtime
White flashing: 300 hrs runtime
Red/blue flashing: 72 hrs runtime

  • Dimensions: 32 mm x 46.2 mm / 1.26" x 1.82"
  • Weight: 34 g / 1.2 oz.
  • Mode memory
  • Only compatible with i-Generation flashlight
  • Please fully tighten the tail cap before use
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