Nitecore NWS20 Whistle

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Nitecore NWS20 120db Titanium Whistle. Uni-body construction, made from a single piece of TC4 titanium alloy. Light weight, corrosion resistant and non-allergenic. Can be attached to a key ring, zip pull or worn on a neck chain.

• Constructed from polished TC4 titanium alloy for durability and aesthetic appeal
• Biocompatible, making it nontoxic to humans
• Corrosion resistant, sturdy and durable
• ‘Uni-Body’ construction is portable and extremely light weight
• Ultra lightweight at only 12.6 grams
• Double chambered design emits a high pitched frequency for further distance
• Maximum sound intensity of 120 decibels
• Perfect for outdoor events, sporting events, security and law enforcement
• Utilizes a precision Teflon resonator, high or low temperature-resistant
• Simple and highly functional design
• Works in wet or dry conditions


52×14×7mm (2.05”×0.55”×0.28”) 

NWS20: 12.6grams (0.44oz)


Key chain

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