Nitecore EDC33


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Nitecore EDC33
  • Length: 115.6 mm / 4.55"
  • Head Diameter: 25.4 mm / 1"
  • Tube Diameter: 24 mm / 0.94"
  • Weight: 127 g / 4.48 oz (including clip)
  • Utilises a 9-core UHi 20 MAX LED with a max output of 4000 lumens
  • Max peak beam intensity of 54,500cd and max throw of 450 meters
  • 4 brightness levels to cycle through - search and Lumin Shield™ available
  • Powered by a built-in 4000mAh li-ion battery to provide runtime up to 63 hours
  • Lockout switch available for half and full lockout modes
  • Power indicators show remaining battery power
  • Intelligent li-ion battery charging circuit with a USB-C charging port
  • Advanced Power Cut-Off (APC) technology for an ultralow standby power consumption
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit provides a stable output
  • Incorporated Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module
  • Optical lenses with double-sided scratch resistant coating
  • Constructed from military grade aluminium alloy 7075-T6
  • HA III military grade hard anodised finish
  • Tail stand capability
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Nitecore EDC33

5 Reviews

4.8 Overall rating



Brilliant flash light. I love it. Easy UI after a few goes. Massive output and truly pocketable. Well done.


The reviews don't lie, incredible amount of light from such a small quality package.


Great for EDC. Compact yet powerful.


A great torch in a small package. Takes a little getting used to the settings as they're controlled via a half press or full press of the tail cap button.



The Nitecore EDC33 is a compact, versatile, everyday carry (EDC) flashlight designed for convenience and high performance. The torch has an impressive maximum output of 4000 lumens from the NiteLab UHi 20 LED and is powered by a built-in li-ion battery. Rechargeable via USB-C, the charging port sits beneath a rotary protection cover at the head of the light.

The brand new NiteLab UHi 20 Max LED has a multi-core integrated design of a small yet high-intensity main core with 8 auxiliary cores arrayed together into a single LED. The result is a light that offers long-range coverage, extreme brightness and the ability to seamlessly switch between spotlight and floodlight. Thanks to the Supreme White Colour Consistency processing, it can emit a pure and soft white light. 

The light features cutting-edge designs including a powerful 9-core LED, Rapid Lock™ for a quick lockout to prevent accidental activation, a 4000 lumen Lumin Shield™ output and an ultra high capacity 4000mAh 18650 battery.

The EDC33 is equipped with four brightness levels, plus a Search spotlight and Lumin Shield floodlight outputs which provide utility in various situations. It is operated by an intuitive two-stage tail button which is fully pressed to turn the light on and off and half pressed to cycle through the brightness levels. The flashlight has a built-in optical sensor which detects when an obstruction is within close distance and automatically decreases the brightness.

With a robust aluminum construction, the EDC33 is ideal for daily use. It's compact size makes it easy to carry in a pocket, bag or attach to the included lanyard with DCP clip.

Brightness Levels:
Lumin Shield™ (Floodlight): 4000 lumens
Search (Spotlight): 1700 lumens
High: 1200 lumens - 2 hrs 31 mins runtime
Mid: 300 lumens - 6 hrs 58 mins runtime
Low: 70 lumens - 31 hrs runtime
Ultralow: 5 lumens - 63 hrs runtime

Maximum beam distance 450 meters, waterproof to IP68 and resistant to impacts up to 2 meters.

Includes: USB-C charging cable, lanyard, clip.

Nitecore EDC33 user manual can be downloaded here.

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