Nitecore HC68


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Nitecore HC68
  • Dimensions: 91.5 mm x 34.75 mm x 26.5 mm / 3.6" x 1.37" x 1.04"
  • Weight: 118.5 g /4.18 oz. (including bracket and headband, excluding battery)
  • Spotlight uses a TIR optic lens with specially designed for long range lighting
  • Floodlight uses TrueVision Technology for an ultra smooth flood beam
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit provides a stable output of up to 800 hours
  • Intelligent li-ion battery charging circuit with a USB-C charging port
  • 180º tilt angle for different illumination needs
  • A power indicator beneath the '+' and '-' buttons indicates the remaining battery power
  • The power indicator can display the battery voltage (±0.1V)
  • Incorporated Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) module
  • Constructed from aero grade aluminium alloy
  • HA III military grade hard anodised finish
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Nitecore HC68

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The Nitecore HC68 head torch has a maximum output of 2000 lumens from the 2 x Luminus SST-40-W LEDs and is powered by 1 x high drain 18650 li-ion battery. The lamp has a concealed USB-C charging port for fast and efficient charging.

The headlamp offers a spot and floodlight adjustable design which is operated by the dual switches on the top of the light. A long press of the '+' switch increases the spotlight output ratio, decreasing the floodlight output and a long press on the '-' button increases the floodlight ratio, decreasing the spotlight.

The HC68 also features an auxiliary red light which effectively protects night vision, making it ideal for wildlife observation, stargazing, emergency response and night photography. The red LEDs provide low, high and flashing outputs.

With a 180° adjustable mount, the headlamp can be angled as appropriate and the breathable headband and rubber pad provide support and comfort. Additionally, the Nitecore HC68 features Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR), memory function and a built-in power indicator.

Brightness Levels:
Turbo: 2000 lumens - long press the power button to temporarily enter this mode - automatically returns to previously used status if no operation in 60 seconds

100% Spotlight
Higher: 1800 lumens - 30 mins runtime
High: 950 lumens - 2 hrs 30 mins runtime
Mid: 250 lumens - 6 hrs runtime
Low: 50 lumens - 28 hrs runtime
Ultralow: 1 lumen - 800 hrs runtime

100% Floodlight
Higher: 1400 lumens - 30 mins runtime
High: 850 lumens - 2 hrs 30 mins runtime
Mid: 220 lumens - 6 hrs runtime
Low: 45 lumens - 28 hrs runtime
Ultralow: 1 lumen - 800 hrs runtime

Auxiliary Red Light
High: 11 lumens - 30 hrs runtime
Low: 3 lumens - 110 hrs runtime
Flashing: 11 lumens - 160 hrs runtime

Plus Beacon and SOS modes (2000 lumens)

Maximum beam distance 202 meters, waterproof to IP68 and resistant to impacts up to 2 meters.

Includes: Nitecore NL1835HP 18650 3500mAh li-ion battery, spare o-ring, USB-C charging cable, headband, bracket.

Nitecore HC68 user manual can be downloaded here.

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