Nitecore LA10 Mini Camping Lantern


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Nitecore LA10 Mini Camping Lantern
  • Length: 78.5 mm / 3.09 in.
  • Head Size: 22.6 mm / 0.89 in.
  • Weight: 42.7 g / 1.51 oz.
  • Feature: Tail Stand
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • High-efficiency regulation circuit for consistent output
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Nitecore LA10 Mini Camping Lantern

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4.7 Overall rating




Great item with plenty of light for camping in a tent. I especially like the magnetic bottom allowing me to stick it to any metal surface. However, my only bugbear with this item is the twisting functionality. You turn if off by loosening the tail cap, which is essentially just breaking the circuit. Seems very low tech to me. I would much prefer a on/off button.


Perfect little light. Small, compact but bright enough to see what your doing in the dark.


Good quality. Perfect for camp and reading. The on-off mechanism could be improved by a button push.


Briefly said: a must have. It's simply astonishing how much light you can get from this tiny lantern, which may often turn out to be even handier than a conventional flashlight for it spreads the light evenly allowing you to see everywhere in the surroundings. As a bonus, it relies on a single, standard AA cell (and you' ve got one included): who could ask for more? Hmm... please be aware that this little gem is likely to get lost in your pocket!


great product


This is a great little lamp. It's sold as a camping lamp but due to its size and magnetic base perfect for under the car maintenance also. Very bright for its size have already recommended to my friends.


The Nitecore LA10 mini camping lantern has a maximum output of 135 lumens from the Cree XP-G2 S3 LED and features a unique extendable / retractable diffuser. Operating in a similar fashion to a lipstick, the diffuser retracts inside the body of the light when not in use, ensuring a compact size when being carried. On the brightest setting the LA10 has an effective illuminated area of 10 meters in diameter.

Powered by a single AA battery (alkaline or NiMH) with a maximum runtime of 23 hours on the lowest brightness setting, the Nitecore LA10 is an ideal travel companion as these batteries are cheap to buy and readily available pretty much anywhere in the world.

Operated by a rotating tail cap to turn on /off and adjust brightness levels. Tighten the tail cap to turn the light on, loosen it to turn off. Turn the light on again within 2 seconds after switching off to adjust brightness levels:

Brightness & Runtimes:
High: 135 lumens - 1 hr 30 mins runtime
Mid: 40 lumens - 6 hrs runtime
Low: 10 lumens - 23 hrs runtime
Beacon mode: 135 lumens

A magnetic tail cap design allows the Nitecore LA10 to be attached to metal surfaces. It can also be hung from the supplied lanyard when used inside a tent etc.

Maximum beam diameter 10 meters, water resistant to IPX-6 and resistant to impacts up to 1.5 meters.

Includes: Wrist lanyard, spare o-ring and alkaline AA battery

Nitecore LA10 user manual can be downloaded here.