Nitecore NU10


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Nitecore NU10
  • Maximum Beam Intensity: 310 cd
  • Length: 60.5 mm / 2.38"
  • Weight: 65 g / 2.29 oz.
  • Built-in Li-ion battery rated at 3.33Wh lasting at least 500 recharge cycles
  • Advanced micro USB power regulation retains all functions while charging
  • Housing made from durable polycarbonate materials
  • White and red dual outputs
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Nitecore NU10

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Nice and simple Have bought this due to the NU20 being unfortunately discontinued


The new Nitecore NU10 headlamp has a maximum output of 160 lumens from the high performance LED and is powered by a built in, rechargeable, Li-ion battery rated at 3.33Wh, which is equivelent to four AAA batteries.

The rechargeable, lightweight, work headlamp offers wide angle illumination with a large spread to overcome obstacles in demanding work environments. With a 170º illumination angle, the NU10 covers your entire field of vision. Additionally, the head torch has a 60º tiltable mechanism, allowing the light to be tilted and adjusted as required.

The NU10 head torch utilises five high performance, ranging from 1 to 160 lumens. One of the LEDs offers red illumination, which effectively protects night vision. Featuring a dual switch interface, the headlamp is easy to use when you are on the go and provides a lockout function to avoid accidental activation.

This Nitecore model is available in a range of colours. Choose from a yellow headband with black body or a white headband with either a red, blue or green body.

Brightness Levels:
High: 160 lumens - 7 hrs runtime
Mid: 35 lumens - 8 hrs 45 mins runtime
Ultralow: 1 lumen - 150 hrs runtime
Red Light: 13 lumens - 5 hrs 15 mins runtime

Plus Location Beacon and SOS flashing mode.

Dual switch user interface with lockout mode, acticated by pressing both buttons at once. Rubber button covers ensure protection against dust and water ingression.

Maximum beam distance 35 meters, water resistant to IP66 and resistant to impacts up to 1.5 meters.

Includes: headband, built-in Li-ion battery, micro USB charging cable.

Nitecore NU10 user manual can be downloaded here.

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