Nitecore TIP CRI Nichia Neutral White


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Nitecore Micro USB Charging Cable
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Nitecore TIP CRI Nichia Neutral White
  • Length: 60.8 mm / 2.39 in.
  • Weight: 23.5 g / 0.83 oz.
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Scratch resistant
  • HAIII Military grade, hard anodised metal
  • Dual switch user interface
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Nitecore TIP CRI Nichia Neutral White

3 Reviews

5.0 Overall rating



Better than I expected. I really, really like the CRI in a small light like this.



Nice bright, small and light torch. It is good that it can be recharged from a USB port.


The Nitecore TIP CRI Neutral version LED torch has a maximum output of 240 lumens from the Nichia NVSL219B LED and is powered by the built-in, rechargeable, Li-ion battery. For convenience the battery can be charged via a micro USB port and has indicator lights to display the charging status; red = charging in progress, green = charging complete.

With improved circuit design, the TIP now has over a year standby time in both regular and lockout modes. To lock press both buttons simultaniously and the same to unlock.

The CRI model of the Nitecore TIP offers a lower output than the cool white version, but a high CRI rating of 90. This provides excellent colour rendering to reveal subtle detail in objects that might otherwise be 'washed out'. The output of 240 lumens is extremely impressive for the compact size and weight of the torch; it is small enough to attach to your Key Ring to accompany you on a daily basis.

Featuring four brightness levels and a beam distance up to 56 meters, the warm white Nitecore TIP is perfect for a general use and comes with a split ring for easy attachment to your keyring.

Brightness Levels:
Turbo: 240 lumens - 30 mins runtime
High: 95 lumens - 1 hr 30 mins runtime
Mid: 22 lumens - 6 hrs 30 mins runtime
Low: 1 lumen - 46 hrs runtime

Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology allow the Nitecore TIP CRI to regulate its output and adapt to the ambient environment, therefore maintaining optimal performance.

Maximum beam distance 56 meters, waterproof to IP54 and resistant to impacts up to 1.5 meters.

Includes: split ring, built-in 500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery.

Nitecore TIP CRI user manual can be downloaded here.

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