Nitecore UHX1 Pro Hasselblad Camera Charger


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Nitecore UHX1 Pro Hasselblad Camera Charger
  • Input: DC 5V/2A or 9V/2A
  • Output Voltage: Slot 1 8.4V±1%
                             Slot 2 8.4V±1%
  • Output Current: QC Mode 1200mA x 1 (Max), 800mA x 2 (Max)
                             Standard Mode 800mA x 1 (Max)
  • Input: USB
  • Output: Connector
  • Battery Compatibility: Hasselblad X System batteries
  • Compatible Models: X1D 50C, X1D II 50C
  • Dimensions: 4.92" x 2.76" x 1.14" / 125 mm x 70 mm x 29 mm
  • Weight: 4.09 oz. / 116 g
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Nitecore UHX1 Pro Hasselblad Camera Charger

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The Nitecore UHX1 Pro is a dual slot USB charger for Hasselblad X System batteries. The charger has a Quick Charge (QC) mode which allows for two batteries to be charged at a maximum output current 800mA or one cell at 1200mA. Please note, this is only available when using a QC 2.0 adapter (not included).

The Nitecore charger is compatible with multiple input sources, such as solar panels, USB adapters and the versatile F4 battery charger and power bank. 

The charger features an intelligent USB charging management system which monitors the battery status, displaying the battery voltage, charging current and charged volume on the high definition LCD display screen and automatically adopts the optimal charging modes between CC and CV. The UHX1 is able to detect the battery health on insertion and will display as Good, Normal or Poor. Additionally, if batteries have over-discharged the Nitecore charger is able to revive them. 

Safety is paramount for Nitecore and the UHX1 has a range of safety features to ensure your peace of mind. The charger has reverse polarity and anti-short circuit protection, so if either a short-circuited or incorrectly inserted battery is detected, the error message "EE EE" will show on the display screen. 

The Nitecore UHX1 Pro charger is compatible with the Hasselblad X1D 50C and X1D II 50C models.