Nitecore UM20 Double Bay Charger


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Nitecore UM20 Double Bay Charger

• USB powered Li-ion battery charger
• High definition LCD displays real time charging status
• Features USB output charging
• Integrated intelligent power management system
• Intelligently detects input power
• Intelligently distributes charging power
• Priority Mode offers either battery or USB charging
• Enables data transfer via USB
• Features optimized charging program for IMR batteries
• Intelligently selects charging current based on battery capacity
• Features rear USB cable winder
• Constructed from fire retardant materials
• Features reverse polarity protection
• Designed for optimal heat dissipation

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Nitecore UM20 Double Bay Charger

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4.8 Overall rating




Really good charger. I only have a slight beef with the huge foot the cable wraps around. There is no reason for such a big foot in such a light charge. It will move about quite easily, regardless of the rubber feet and large "plate" on the bottom.


Compact and does exactly what it says. Has helped recover two 18650s from over-discharge



Great product fast charger


Handy USB charging unit.


The Nitecore UM20 is an advanced USB management and charging system capable of charging two Li-ion batteries from a USB power source, while simultaneously charging an external device.

Compatible with the following Li-ion / IMR cells:

18650, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340, 14500 and 10440

A high definition LCD displays real time charging status, accurate to 1%.

When used with a high power adapter the UM20 will charge the inserted batteries plus an external device (such as a mobile phone) simultaneously. If a low power adapter is being used the UM20 has a priority switch that allows the user to select which to charge first, then automatically charging the second option when the first is complete.

Data can be transferred from a computer to the external USB device, even while charging is taking place.

Other features include: Intelligent CC/CV charging, reverse polarity protection and cable winder.
Made from quality ABS fire retardant materials with worldwide insurance from Ping An Insurance Group.