New TIKI UV and Power Banks for Summer 2021

New items available to order now.

The Nitecore TIKI UV keyring light has a maximum output of 1000mW 365nm ultraviolet light and is powered by a built-in li-ion battery. The torch is rechargeable via a micro-USB port (charging cable not included) and has a range of safeguards including over-charge and short circuit protection.

Suitable for a range of applications, UV light can be used for currency detection, forensic science, petrol inspection, gemological appraisal and more.

Nitecore TIKI UV

The Nitecore NPB4 power bank is equipped with 4 x next generation 21700 li-ion batteries with a capacity of 20,000mAh and an energy density of 193mWh/g.

Designed to be waterproof, the NPB4 offers a high strength O-ring on the charging port, advanced glue pouring technology to protect the internal components and fire retardant PC materials for tightness against water and vapour.

Nitecore NPB4

The Nitecore NB20000 is an ultra lightweight power bank made from carbon fibre. With a large capacity of 20,000mAh battery, the 'energy brick' is ideal for outdoor adventures that last a couple of days, with sufficient power for smartphones, laptops, tables and game consoles, plus outdoor activities and emergency equipment. 

The power bank has a carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) hollowed frame which offers high strength, minimal weight and excellent protection of the cell.

Nitecore NB20000


The Nitecore F21i is a fast charging power system specifically for use with Nitecore's i Series 21700 li-ion batteries. The charger and power bank unit comes with an NL2150HPi 5000mAh 21700 battery which features dual way output with positive and negative polarities at both ends.

The F21i can be used as a 21700 i Series battery charger when connected to an external power source. The blue indicators will flash to show the charging process. An 18W USB-C dual way fast charge is available with QC and PD adapters (not included). The white indicator will turn on to show the charger is in fast charging mode.

Nitecore F21i